Why Carbon Winches?

You may be wondering about the name we chose, "Carbon" winch. After a lot of deliberation and a list of names that flowed out the office door we decided to keep it simple. Carbon is the building block of life. It's a versatile element, making up one of the hardest compounds on earth, diamonds, and then also one of the softest, in graphite. It's reliable, it's always there, and basically you know what you get with Carbon.

That is why we chose the name, with Carbon Winches Australia you know upfront exactly what you are going to get:


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Phone inquiries : 1300 780 153

email inquiries: info@carbonwinches.com.au

Please contact us for stockist locations and dealer inquiries.

For WA retail and trade inquiries please contact:
Brendon Mills - MPI Automotive - Belmont, WA - PH 1300 310 330

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